2000 ~ 2010
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  • KT Corporation’s Best Partner
  • Solar Hi-Pass terminal (AP-100) was released.

  • Compact (built-in antenna type) module development and supply for Hi-Pass was completed.
  • Eco-friendly ICS repeater (solar cell ICS repeater) development and supply was completed.
  • Supply of ICS repeater to a Russian operators (SCARTEL)
  • ETC RFCU development and supply for (LS Industrial Systems)
  • ICS repeater obtained UL certification in Europe and FCC certification in the U.S.

  • Multiple transceiver SoC development for Hi-Pass terminals was completed.
  • Designated as one of the best partners in the ICS repeater for mobile WiMax. (KT)
  • Designated as one of the export promising small businesses
  • Capital increase with consideration is done (from capital 875 million to 921 million KRW)
  • Selected as one of ICS repeater supply partners for the Japanese operator (KDDI)
  • The supply of low-cost (5W) WCDMA ICS signal processors started. (SKT)
  • Selected as one of the KT supply partners in the ICS signal processing unit for mobile WiMax
  • Development and supply of micro ICS signal processors to be exported to Australia (TELSTRA)
  • DSRC modem chips for the low-end ETC market were released.
  • Development and mass-production of DSRC ETC modem solutions / RSE
  • ISO-14001 certification was obtained.
  • Capital increase with consideration is done (from capital 850 million to 875 million KRW)


  • Supply of DSRC communication compatibility testers for certification test (TTA)
  • Trial product development of signal processing repeaters for WiBro (ICS) was completed.
  • Selected as one of the INNO-BIZ companies (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • DSRC modem solution development (KETI) and ASIC prototype supply
  • CDMA intelligent digital RF repeater (ICS) development and supply (SKT)
  • The joint development agreement for ICS signal processing units for mobile WiMax was signed. (KT)
  • TL-9000 and ISO-9001 certification were acquired.
  • Development of trial products with wireless channel card functions for WiBro stations and wireless performance analysis devices (supply to ETRI, etc.)
  • The joint development agreement for Airpoint -SKT ICS CDMA signal processor was signed.
  • Supply of DSRC analysis equipment for ITS to TTA (adopted as the national standard compatibility test tool)
  • Development of the repeater (direct gap filler) to eliminate interference for satellite DMB
  • Development of P-BTS 2nd system (IS-2000) (joint development with Samsung Electronics)
  • DCLA (DSRC communication analyzer) development was completed.
  • Development of WCDMA radio network diagnostic apparatus and wireless channel system
  • Capital increase with consideration is done (from capital 500 million to 850 million KRW)
  • Selected as one of the companies for materials and parts by the Ministry of Industrial Resources
  • Company name was changed to Airpoint Co., Ltd.
  • Designated as one of the promising small businesses for export
  • Participation in the Wireless 2001 (US Las Vegas) (IS-95B and AAL2 module were announced.)
  • The first development of the IP-BTS (IS-95B) system was completed (demonstrated for QWEST in the U.S.)
  • Designated as one of the companies with special cases for military service
  • Registered as a venture company and the annex research institute was established.
  • The agreement for the joint development of MTI-SK Telecom WCDMA core technologies (AAL2) was signed.
  • MTI Co., Ltd. Was established.