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Dedicated short-range communication electronic toll collection system Dedicated Short-Range Communication Electronic Toll collection System

We have total solutions in the ETCS areas such as DSRC source technology based self-developed chips, base station (RSE, Road-Side Equipment) and terminal (OBE, On-Board Equipment) technology.

Technologies in possession

  • ASK reception technology for DSRC

  • reception sensitivity adjuster technology using digital gating

  • technology to operate multifunction complex terminals for vehicles

  • DSRC wireless network performance data collection

  • delivery technology

  • DSRC multichannel reception technology

  • vehicle terminal technologies

  • link operation technology between multiple ITS networks

Development performance records

  • DSRC protocol compatibility tester (supply to TTA for domestic DSRC certification authorities, 2003/2009)
  • Delivery of ETC billing authentication system to Korea Expressway Corporation (2005)
  • Delivery of ITSK ATIS OBE performance measurement terminals (2011)
  • DSRC modem chip and RFIC chip development and supply (AEC-Q100 certification)
  • DSRC one-chip solution development and supply
  • DSRC ETC RSE development and supply (Korea Expressway Corporation)
  • DSRC ATIS RSE development and supply (Korea Expressway Corporation)
  • DSRC ATMS RSE development and supply (more than 80% of municipalities RSE market share)
  • Development of Hi-Pass terminal (GPASS)
  • Development of passenger car weekday system terminal and system for Daejeon City (business managing company)
  • Selected as one of the operators for Korea Expressway Corporation’s Happiness terminals