IoT Module
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Iot Module

Metering modem for AMI

  • Safety Control  IoT Module
  • LoRa-based long-range wireless communication support
  • Location tracking with GPS support
  • Built-in high-capacity battery

Product Features

  • Remote control on gas consumption, meter device status, history data
  • Secured transparency of metering
  • Meter reading difficulties due to the absence are resolved.
  • Real-time gas leak alert
  • Enhanced safety with gas block function
  • Customer privacy protection
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Product Specifications

Division, Item, Specifications
Low-power long-distance communication (LPWA) Frequency 917~923.5Mhz
Reception sensitivity -146dBm
Output Maximum 70.8mW (18.5dBm)-146dBm
GPS (optional) Frequency 1575.42Mhz
Reception sensitivity -165dBm
Location measuring cycle Within 40 seconds
Channel 72 channels
Sensor Fire detecting type Smoke detection, flame detection, etc.
Antenna Frequency LPWA 900MHz
  GPS 1575.42Mhz (optional)
Power Built-in battery 3.7V, 1,100mah (preliminary standards)
Operating time 5 years (operating mode) and 10 years (sleep mode)
Environment Waterproof 5 years for IPX5 waterproof standards
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