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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • IoT-based telemetry and real-time safety management
  • Delivery of web/App-based integrated safety monitoring
  • Display on the monitor screen in link with Google map
  • Construction of the safety monitoring control system

Special Feature


[Implement Visualization System for Web-based UI/UX Contro]

  • Implement web/map-based control map display technology
  • Implement GIS-based location information & metering safety management display function
  • Establish GIS-web interlock DB
    s- Data collection and establishment of information visualization DB via built-in network infrastructure
Menu, Fault, Login, Management, Dashboard, Control, Metering, Statistics
Menu Functions Fault Device/Gateway A/S
Login Log in Control Management Fault Device management
Device Add/Delete/Modify Management
User Add/Delete/Modify Management
Time Zone/Language Setting
Dashboard GIS Information/List
Device/Gateway Status
Control Value control
Metering Search (General/Advanced/Select)
Statistics Statistics about selected item

Service Configuration